The Return of the Volkswagen Microbus; It’s Official!

Although the iconic Volkswagen Microbus is a rare sight on American roads these days, any reference to it evokes fond memories. The auto giant has been teasing consumers about a new iteration of the once-popular Microbus for about a decade. Finally, lovers of the vehicle got a glimpse of VW’s new iteration of their beloved microbus when it stole the spotlight at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show. Perhaps shedding its Microbus sobriquet, the concept vehicle named the I.D Buzz, will run on electricity instead of fossil fuel. Even more important for expectant auto lovers is the sale date set by VW – 2022.

Due to ‘Popular Demand’

VW’s motivation for moving the vehicle from concept to production stage has also been motivated by consumers’ demand. According to Herbert Diess, VW brand CEO, “After the presentations at the global motor shows in Detroit and Geneva, we received a large number of letters and emails from customers who said, ‘please build this car.”

What’s New?

A lot, apparently. First, the I.D Buzz will be an electric van. Secondly, its traditional, blunt-faced design will change since the batteries will be mounted beneath the vehicle floor. It might end up looking slightly similar to a Chevrolet Bolt but longer. VW is also including self-driving capabilities in the vehicle.

How Far Can it Travel?

The vehicle’s battery pack gives it an estimated 270 miles, while the engine is capable of pumping out about 369 horsepower.

What’s the Microbus Without the Social?

Right from its days as the ‘official’ vehicle of the hippie lifestyle, the major standout feature of the microbus has been the communal lifestyle its interior creates. Occupants will still have a spacious and reconfigurable interior. Adequate provision is made for leg room while the middle row can be removed. If on a family outing, there is enough space for card games.

Green and Galactic

Nature lovers will also love the almost full-length glass top which allows for stargazing at night or soaking in the sun while driving during the day. This vehicle green energy status is also positioned to smooth out the creases in VW’s relationship with consumers after its diesel emission scandal.

It may be a few years coming, but like its name, the buzz is on for this vehicle and expectations are already high.