Best Winter Tires For Passenger Cars 2017

The words forever ingrained in our mind from House Stark, “winter is coming”, and if you are subject to the cold climate, you will want to think about winter tires for the upcoming season. Many people associate winter tires to snow, but winter tires are also designed to handle better in cold weather compared to summer and some all season tires. Now, if you are living in Florida, the following information may not pertain to you while enjoying your warm weather this winter.

Here is the lineup for winter 2017 from good to best.

1. General AltiMax Artic – $50 to $125

About as entry level as it gets. This tire is the least expensive option you have for winter tires. These tires have a nonstandard look for winter tires, but come highly rated by customers. This is a great choice if you are on a budget and need to be covered this winter.

2. Yokohama Iceguard iG52c – $61 – $185

This tire focuses more on compacts, sedans and vans than other vehicles, so they don’t appear to be racing tires for the ice. That being said if you live in a place that has icier climates it could be very much of use to you at a low price.

3. Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter – $62 to $129

The Goodyear brand seems to be synonymous with versatility when it comes to tires. They’ve got so many different lines you’d think it was a DMV! Think cold weather means low traction? Think again.

4. Michelin X-Ice3 Xi3 – $73 to $262

This tire is one of the most interesting ones, if for nothing else, then the silica-based compound used. This compound offers higher stability at higher temperatures while still being proficient at colder temperatures. If that doesn’t scream outlier I don’t know what does!

5. Continental WinterContact SI – $75 to $232

If you own a sedan, coupe, minivan or crossover then this could be more your speed. Instead of innovating the compound completely, to keep the reliability we know and love Continental have used additives to improve pliability in lower climates.

6. Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 – $87 to $210

If you like the science behind the tire, this could definitely be an interesting read for you. Hydrophilic coating and microscopic bite particles are pretty epic features in what, at first glance, is a very advanced tire.

7. Falken EuroWinter HS449 – $95 to $287

Falken has made a consistent tire when it comes to lower temperatures and less than usually desirable conditions. The compound extends tread-life, making it an investment.

8. Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8 – $99 to $325

This tire is completely geared for winter. The tires are also studded, check to make sure you can use studded tires before purchasing. If you look it up on google, you’ll see that this tire looks like something out of a spy movie, and it’s made by those lovable Finnish boys who have produced quite a few rally drivers of note. Doesn’t that say it all?


9. Pirelli Winter Sottozero 2 – $128 to $426

Sottozero is Italian for below zero. Nuff said. Designed for high performance and sports cars, and it definitely seems like a good bet for high speeds in controlled environments. These are the best winter tires you can get for you vehicle. They are put in the high performance winter tire category. Want expert handling in sub freezing temperatures? This is your tire.