DriveShare Lets Car Lovers Take a Spin in Classic Cars

Have you ever dreamed of being behind the wheel of a classic car for just a few hours and enjoy the exquisite experience of driving a rare vehicle? DriveShare could fit the bill.

What is DriveShare?

DriveShare is a new service that is like an Airbnb for classic cars. Owners can rent their vintage vehicles to drivers for a certain period of time. The service allows the driver to take a spin in their dream car and provides the classic car enthusiast to raise money and expand their collection.

DriveShare was originally an independent company called Classics&Exotics and was acquired by Hagerty, the largest specialty provider of insurance to classic cars. Peter Zawadzki, the founder of Classics&Exotics, is joining Hagerty as director of DriveShare. Zawadzki said he founded the company as a chance for more car lovers to become involved in the hobby of collecting classic cars and for collectors to raise money. In a number of cases, those who begin renting classic cars become collectors themselves.

The DriveShare Process

The procedure of renting classic cars through DriveShare is straightforward. All potential drivers have to be carefully screened and have clean driving records. There is a required deposit of a minimum of $500 to rent the car. Every rental comes with up to $1 million insurance protection and a roadside assistance program to handle mishaps. Renters can select the model, year, and transmission of the car they want to rent. Buyers and sellers work out drop off and pickup details between them. Those who want to rent out their cars provide information about mileage, vehicle availability, price and a deposit.

In addition to leading the insurance market for classic cars, Hagerty has one of the most popular car magazines in the U.S. Its Hagerty Valuation Tool is prized for its accurate reading on market trends and valuation for classic cars. Hagerty’s decades-long reputation as a classic car insurer makes its acquisition of Classics & Exotics and development of DriveShare an ideal fit.