Emerging Trends Changing the Automotive Industry

The economy is drastically changing which is being triggered by development in today’s market, change in consumer preference, technology advancement just to mention a few factors. The forces have led to disruptive technology-driven trends in the industry. The power driven trends include;


Electric cars are becoming usable and competitive. Utilization of electric vehicles is expected to rise in the coming years. This will lead to low battery cost, increased consumer acceptance, widely available charging infrastructures and drivers like stricter emission regulations which will act as catalysts to this amazing and world-changing trend. A study has shown that the electric cars will be ranging from 10% to 50% vehicle sales by 2030.

Automated Driving

This is one of the major trends to be expected this year. With the connectivity of intelligent and advanced technologies, people should be expecting driving to be much comfortable. The driving task will no longer be a headache for the drivers as it will be taken over by the car’s electronics. The automotive industry team is striving to make this vision a reality in numerous car classes. The driverless cars will be more resource efficient, and people should expect much fun from it.

More Digitalized Cars

Most industries in the world are changing and automotive is not an exception. The industry is changing through digitalization and drivers are demanding more from their cars. Other than consumption and dynamics, drivers also need comfort, convenience and perceived intelligence for an efficient drive. Vehicles are becoming intelligent such that they can understand what the driver wants by just tracking their hands or eye movements. These features make cars more enjoyable, and it will be implemented in all vehicle classes.

Improved Safety

The changes will help minimize road accidents. With the increasing traffic, security in the automotive industry has become a core challenge for both the industry and the society. The innovations will help reduce such cases since the vehicles have sensors that will alert the driver when something bad is about to happen.

With these emerging trends, the automotive industry is expected to change the lives of many individuals. They will also be informative and entertaining with the integration of smartphone functions on all types of vehicles.